China Tour Reviews: Unbiased China Travel Testimonials from Our Customers

"Terry is very professional" Sue and Michelle: 2016-5-11

Terry had arranged an amazing tour for our 6 people group, nothing was too difficult , he assisted us all the way through the tour even checking into flights and train station, and he was very brilliant and our trip was a big success so far. He was very informative and reliable, Thank you Terry for a beautiful trip and we really appreciate it  and we will not forget the great time we had on our 2016 China Tour.

Sue and Michelle: 2016-5-11


"Guided Tour in Shanghai" Rosa: 2015-6-14

Harris showed us around day tour from Shanghai city area to Tongli water town. Tongli is a beautiful southern water town. He was very knowledgeable about the culture background and  history of highlights we went. The village was wonderful and a "must see" site, actually it looks like Amsterdam , he is a really nice tour guide and we would highly recommend him as a Shanghai tour guide to anyone.

 Rosa: 2015-6-14


Private tour in xi'an. Steve and Cathy: 2014-9-21

Recently my husband and I visited Xi'an. We booked Yuki as our tour guide and she gave us the best time ever. The guide had world class knowledge and was absolutely fantastic, and she is phenomenal and we consider her as a family member and enjoy her accompany, and we visited Terracotta Warriors and ancient city wall within 1 day, It was an amazing tour day and we all enjoyed it very much.

Steve and Cathy: 2014-9-21


Fascinating Tour With Terry in Beijing

Kelly & Ann From U.S.A:2013-6-15

After hearing a lot about china from my fellow students here in Baton Rouge, My friend and I decided to make a week’s stay in the Chinese capital of Beijing. It is one of my Chinese friends that encouraged me to contact Terry if I go there as it is not easy for a student to find their way in Beijing. As We met Terry inside the airport I knew that the guy was going to be a good friend for me.

We got together and visited every nook and corner of the city. Found the cheapest and very good restaurants to eat and stayed in low cost hotels. Thanks to Terry, our expenditure were cut by half from what most people believed that we need to spend. Terry is such a jovial and friendly character that he is the ideal guide for the student travelers like us. We was really impressed on what Beijing had on offer for me and also about the tourist guides they have.

Ms Gillian's From UK


Group Tour In Priave Service

Rebacca , Marriot and Their Colleague:2013-7-20

We just returned from Beijing with my friends and colleague of 14 people for holiday.

Contacting Terry via Tripadvisor and his own website when we were trying to research a agreement of having a guide versus not having a guide, or going with group tour. I am so glad Terry reached out to me and made our planning much easier- from picking us up from the airport and seeing us off. To our surprise the group tour arrange by Terry was like private tour as his patient and accommodating to everyone in the group. He had a good way of being there when we needed him but also gave us some much needed private time during lunch. Terry made our trip so enjoyable!

Kelly & Ann From U.S.A


An Unforgettable Great Wall Hiking

Ms Gillian From UK:11st-February-2013

We booked one day beijing tour with terry for Mutianyu Great wall several days ago, his oral English was really good and he gave us with excellent insight into Beijing's history and we really appreciate that he treated us so nice when we needed recommendation restaurants to eat was very good. If not for terry, we wouldn't have experienced so many types of beautiful places such as Tianamen Square, Forbidden City, the hutong area and so on, I would highly recommend him to anyone needing China trip service!

Jason - From USA


Expand Market Share In China Wih Professional Interpretor

Mr. Cory From UK :11-December-2007

We will recommend your company to my friends for the punctuality and reliability without any problems and willingness to accommodate our wishes, furthermore, I would argue that Private Beijing Trips was all we expect it to be.

The business conference interpreter Terry was extremely professional. And the schedule was what we wanted and when we needed to change it, according to our own needs on the ground we changed it.So everything worked pretty good!

Mr. Cory From UK :11-December-2007


Mr Bill From USA:22-March-2008

Organic food industry is an emerging, high input, high-tech industry, stationed in China as an emerging industry, I'm surprised you guys did so well prepared for work, greatly improved our efficiency, while, thank you for giving me arranged excellent interpreters Michael, so that we can communicate with Chinese customers for barrier-free, and arranged the perfect business trip.

The Chinese mainland market is a relatively large group of customers, the business meeting is to give us a good promotional platform that allows us the opportunity to share our ideas and products into China. I would not hesitate to contact your company again!

Mr Bill From USA:22-March-2008


Mr Gary From USA :26-October-2008

As the world's largest and most influential annual gathering of international medical device industry, my colleagues and I had high expectations for China (Beijing) International Medical Equipment Fair, thank you so much, privatebeijingtrips help us to collect business data, provide us comprehensive services to make my team more effective to work here, their operation manager terry is very helpful and polite.,his English is very good. He helped us when we needed to arrange exhibition in Beijing, and he did his best to make our business trip a good and memorable one.

I will not look for another company when I come again to China. I also tell my friends and colleagues that they should ask for him as their business assisant when they visit China,furthermore, He was willing to work overtime to ensure our comfort and safety. I will undoubtedly recommend you guys as one of the business consulting comapny in China!

Mr Gary From USA 26-October-2008


Chris and David From Australia:10-December-2009

I just wanted to provide some feedback on the tour my colleague & I went on last Saturday – we had an absolutely great time! The tour was fantastic and all the sites we visited had great hosts & the tour guide Tony was great. We also loved the visit to the tea house. Our tour van driver Kerry was also excellent and led us on a successful day!

We will definitely be doing another tour sometime soon and will recommend this company to all of our friends.

Chris and David From Australia


Katie & James From USA:17-March-2010

We have been to 50 countries, and ricky is our very favorite guide. He has a cheerful personality, very knowledgeable, and was always prompt and courteous. He will take as much time as you want at sites, and took us to some really good places.

John From USA:25-May-2010

We recently had the pleasure of being toured through "Beijing private Tours". Mary was a gracious, entertaining, and extremely knowledgeable guide, she was extraordinarily accommodating and patient with a family group, and she is uniquely qualified to provide and very memorable tour.

We would highly recommend the tour in Beijing!

John From USA


Mr.Kurt From UK:18-September-2011

Beijing is many things to many people. After experiencing a tour by guide jess, I am able to see Beijing as a rich cultural landscape showing all that is Chinese, past, present and future. Without her insight into the everyday experience of living in Beijing, my trip would not have been complete, to the idealistic backpacker with ease.
Her easy approach and good sense of humour further enhanced the experience. Prior to the visit he also guided us to the forbidden city – temple of heaven - for which we were grateful. All in all an excellent day and we would be more than happy to recommend this tour if you are thinking about a visit to Beijing.

Mr.Kurt From UK


Maggie and Angela From Canada:23-November-2010

Please forgive the long delay in contacting you,John! I spent almost two weeks there before going on to south koera for business and finally got back to the Canada a few weeks ago. A couple of days later, my friend, Angela, and I flew to Lanzarote, where she has lived for 11 years.

Right now our tour is over and we are back in the Vancouver, I wanted to let you know how happy we were with the schuled and all the tours you gave us. Everything worked well and went exactly as planned. In fact the level of organization exceeded my expectations. Starting in Beijing and ending in shanghai , every guide was skilled and cheerful. Most excellent were Tony, the guide for the beijing, and linda, the guide for the shanghai.

Some of my friends are also interested invisiting in China, and I will have no hesitation at all in recommending you to them,and You may feel free to talk from my email.
Thank you John again for all your stuffs and for organizing one of the best tours we have ever used.


Sachin And Nitin From India:13-June-2011

We Have arrived in Mumbai, India safely yesterday night at around 12 PM.Terry, without your help, we couldn’t had a great and efficiently meeting in Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, anyway, I promise you that any of our friend wants to visit china for business or pleasure, we will give your reference only.

You are just too great! We really appreciate your support and your approach towards us we found very great,you guys really did a great job!

Sachin And Nitin From India


Daniel and Nicolas From USA:12-June-2011

Terry was great! He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic,flexible and friendly. His English is very good, and he took care of everything and was extremely conscientious. If we wanted to change the tour itinerary, he was very flexible. My 17-year-old son also thought he was great. We recommend him highly!!! Go with PrivateBeijingTrips!

Daniel and Nicolas From USA


Mr Simon From USA:7-July-2011

Hi, I am Simon, And we decided our friends’ 3 groups of family want to visit China and have a tour around June 2011. So we search on the internet and we found Private Beijing trips, we contacted them, we want to organize a tour of our own for more than 10 days China tour, then we chose tour of 12 days amazing Yangtze River Cruise tour, we are from Honolulu, Hawaii. And all of tour guides worked with us tirelessly and incredibly efficiently to help us put together a unique tour that would keep all of us very happy, anyway, services have been impeccable. Thank you so much !

Mr Simon From USA


Scott and Maggie From USA:25-July-2011

My friend Maggie and I had the good luck to enjoy beautiful tour with Private Beijing Trips guys, and they picked us up from our hotel in a comfortable air conditioned – van and we visited such great highlights as The Great Wall. the Summer Palace. Temple of heaven,etc, and the guide is very knowledgeable for Chinese history and made our visit to all of places very impressive, great and unhurried. We would highly recommend their service to eveyone who want travel service for China.

Scott and Maggie From USA


Mr Selti From South Africa:2-August-2011

My wife and I had the chance of having Private Beijing Trips as our personal tour operator for 3 days in Beijing recently, The guide has a perfect command of the English expression and customized our tour to personal oponion, while still remaining very good with our needs,anyway,they always concerned about our personal well-being and made us of possible things.

I highly recommend their team as a tour company for my friends and family!

Mr Selti From South Africa


Mr Hendrik jan zwerver From Holland:12-August-2011

My colleague and I did a trip with them for 2 days Forbidden city and The Great Wall, anyway, the tour guide was absolutely excellent! He was very knowledgable and gave us some of impressive things about what we enjoy from The Great Wall.

Moreover, they also helped us book tickets to a Kung-Fu show later afternoon,we really appreciated it,I thought they truly wants clients to have agreat time in Beijing city!

Mr Hendrik jan zwerver From Holland


Ms Lois From Germany:19th-April-2012

One of my colleagus gave terry's business card to me, and we contacted with eah other through email day by day, he organized 4 days Lhasa tour for my 11 people big family group, anyway, the tour was really great, the guide and driver were very soft and friendly for us ,and the tour guide spoke really fluent english, so all of things was made wonderful by Private Beiijing Trips team.Thanks a million!

Well ORGANIZED,HASSLE Free Multi-city Tour OF China By The Passionate Guide 


Mr Josh From USA:27th-May-2012

We are a 15 people big group from USA, and terry arranged 7 days Beijing and Xi'an trip for us in April this year, Terry speaks good English and has a good knowledge for city of Beijing.

Xi'an guide jack is another excellent tour guide,who did everything great to make us feel at home, we highly recommend terry' team for my colleagues and friends!

Mr Josh From USA


A helpful hand and trust worthy friend In China:

Mr. Terry arranged nancy as our guide in datong, anyway, Nancy really looked after us well and showed us around all the impressive highlights within 3 days over there, such as Yungang Grottoes and Hanging Monastery, moreover, it was a very great and beautiiful tour then, she was cheerful . professional and informative for us, who spoke perfect English,highly recommended!