Victoria Peak.From Hong Kong

Victoria Peak has been a symbol of Hong Kong, Hong Kong one of the most famous tourist attraction. Tourists must visit tourist spot. Here overlooking Victoria Harbour Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, both sides of the sunset to enjoy the "Pearl of the Orient" reputation of the night. Peak area is where the official residence of the gentry elite. As for those who like to picnic, you can thus start, walking trails or trail challenge Hong Kong Trail.

Its viewing for tourists with many devices, from the hills overlooking Victoria Harbour and Kowloon Peninsula, at a glance. Hong Kong's world famous night, the best viewing location for the old-style cable car terminus in the vicinity of the ancient Lion Pavilion Hong pleasant hill parks and open space. Tourists prefer mountain cable car, Victoria Peak in Hong Kong has thus become the watch this "Pearl of the Orient," the best place for a wonderful night. Victoria Peak with its unique geographical and cultural landscape, attracting thousands of overseas visitors to Hong Kong to become the itinerary. Teng Victoria Peak is the best time in the evening and night, sunset fade away, lighted intoxicated. Teng Victoria Peak View of Hong Kong has become a night view of the tour will be one of the programs.