The Temple In Midair From Datong

The Temple in Midair located in Hunyuan district, 65 kilometers away from Datong, hanging in the Hengshan peak of Jade Dragon Gorge west side of the semi-cliff cliff, the national cultural heritage. Monastery was founded in 1500 years ago, ancient repairs are done on the Monastery, Northern Wei dynasty, the Taoist Tao altar from Pingcheng, this common ground southward to this, according to Taoism, the ancient artisans' voice is not heard crowing Bark "requirement construction of the Monastery.

The Temple in Midair is about 60 meters high from the ground up at the house of the three religions from the ground 90 meters, due to silting over the years, is 58 meters remaining. Monastery of the development of our country's architectural heritage and architectural style, the temple, upload cliff, overlooking the deep valley, according to the back rock niches, Terakado south, west is positive. The whole temple is of wood frame structure, according to mechanics, semi-insert the base beam, the pretext of dark rock prop, beam up and down one, Gallery bar so close together. Its architectural features can be summarized as "strange, hanging, clever" words. strange - Monastery afar, like a pair of exquisitely carved relief, set in the climbed cliffs, the close look Monastery, a great volley to fly trend. Hanging - the whole temple there Diange 40, the surface appears to support them is more than a dozen root sized thick wooden pillars, in fact, do not force some poles. It is said in the Monastery when they were built without these stakes, it does not seem to see the Monastery of any support, afraid to go to the temple will fall, in order to make people at ease, so the temple was placed under some poles, so it was with "the Monastery , half-high, three tail hanging air "to describe the Monastery. clever - embodied in the Temple when the local conditions, take advantage of the natural state of the cliff temple layout and construction of various parts of buildings, the general layout of the temple building plane, built in three-dimensional shape such as space, gate, bell tower, main hall, side hall, etc. have to design very compact.