Tang Dynasty Music & Dance From Xi’an

Xi'an (ancient times known as Chang'an), in China's long history, there were 13 dynasties established their capitals here. Which enjoy the ancient and modern Tang Dynasty (AD 618 - AD 907), like a colorful, elegant brilliance of the books you to show us the brilliant Chinese civilization and prosperity, Tang music and dance culture flourishing Tang Dynasty is a symbol of . Prestigious "Tang music and dance" known as China's first antique music and dance.

Since its inception in September 1982, Tang Dynasty Music and Dance has been in Xi'an tourism tourism product, has visited over 40 countries in the world, received hundreds of heads of state and government officials, tourism industry for the province make a remarkable contribution. Since 1987, Shaanxi Song and Tang Dynasty cooperation, launched in Tang Dynasty, "Tang music and dance," a great success. Tang music and dance blend of ancient song and dance director, Western re-integrated multi-ethnic and foreign cultural essence, fully embodies the Tang dynasty hundred countries Asaga, ethnic blend of sights and customs of the peak. Momentum Bang Bao Tang music and dance, magnificent scene, set poems, songs, playing and singing to give play, melting clock, drums, piano, singing and waving at Joseph. High-pitched melodious music, stretch and smooth movements, costumes gorgeous scene, called the most ancient dance. Tang Tang Dynasty Music and Dance is the rise of peacefulness, peace and prosperity of the perfect portrait.

"Tang Dynasty Music and Dance" is the Shaanxi Provincial Song and Dance Theatre created and performed in a Tang Dynasty dance music and dance series. It showed in the court of the Emperor and Yang fragments of life. This music and dance from the 14 music, dance composition. Part of a dance: "Lotus Lantern Dance", "Bird flapping cicada", "Zhe Chi Dance," "Sword" and "A white Wei Dance", "Mask Deva King," "Shake step mother", "Tage", etc. . The whole work is a complete work of art, each segment can be independently show. Performances using Tang Palace Legendary disciples and foreign ambassadors to the emperor, the Quartet presents guests dance the way, by "teaching field so that the" Chant announcer to connect sections of music and dance, forming a whole show, to show art of the Tang Dynasty essence of the colorful music and dance . "Bird flapping cicada" is director Zhang Huai Prince Tomb of the Tang Dynasty show ladies room a living mural "bird flapping cicada map", through a beautiful and moving dance, revealing the three reside in the palace of the girl, lonely depressed, the body does not by the own inner world. "White Wei Dance" mainly in long sleeves and elegant shape and flying to create elegant girl dance image. Mask Dance "Deva King" all use of percussion accompaniment, rhythmic, warm atmosphere, dancing vigorous powerful, ancient style vigorous.