Leshan Giant Buddha From Chengdu

Leshan Giant Buddha in Leshan City, Sichuan Province, south east coast of Minjiang tipped side, the front like the Buddha statue, height 71 meters, is China's largest remaining a carved stone statues. Buddha cut in the Tang Dynasty Kaiyuan reign (713), completed in Sadamoto nineteen years (803 years), which lasted about ninety years. Buddha cliff and hiking trail on both sides, there are many stone niches statues, mostly Tang works. Lingbao tipped peaks on the right, an existing brick tower, tower thirteen, Small Wild Goose Pagoda and Xi'an similar shape. Temple left the river a Koho Zhuo Li, Ming Wuyou, Leshan that the chisel away from the reactor Qin, Tang has created uyu Temple, and the legend Han Guo Sheren Note "Ya," at. Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area by the Gun Hill, Ma-ho rock tomb, uyu mountains, giant Reclining Buddha-shaped landscape, an area of about 8 square kilometers. Mount Emei Scenic Area is a scenic range, is a national scenic area, the famous tourist resort.

"Leshan Giant Buddha," this is the descendants of the Buddha in Leshan City, the generic term. In fact, according to many experts later study confirmed that this is what we call "Leshan Giant Buddha," the stone statue of the real official name should be: Jiazhou tipped a large stone statue of Maitreya. In 1989, more than two years of "governance Leshan Giant Buddha preliminary study" research project was officially launched. In the meantime, the use of a variety of modern technological means for the body of the Leshan Giant Buddha, "Perspective" physical examination and found a large cave shrines Riverside right side of the cliffs there is a huge cliff on the monument, or "tipped large Maitreya statue in mind Jiazhou "monument. After measurement, the monument high of 6.6 meters and the equivalent of two-story building height; monument width 3.8 m; an area of 25.08 square meters. This discovery of the monument through the Cliff considerable historic significance: it not only directly identifies this stone statue of the real official name, is to study the "World Heritage" in the Leshan Giant Buddha is the only reliable first-hand direct the existing literature.