Impression Lijiang Show From Lijiang

"Impression Lijiang show" The total investment of $ 250 million, the article is "Snow impression" next to "city image", "impression • Snow" by snow-capped mountains as the background, learn the world of the aura, take the natural culmination of the folk culture as the carrier, with a generous freehand, at an altitude of 3100 meters of the world's highest performance venues, so the true-life and shock, so close to everyone.

From 10 ethnic minorities sonorous man, from 16 rural villages in the ordinary peasant, has a dark skin more than 500 non-professional actors, most with their native movements with their most simple songs, with their most hot sweat, and world dance, and the simultaneous nature, bring your mind is absolutely shocking. "Impression • Snow Mountain" performance of real large-scale performances to overcome many problems during the day, after nearly a hundred times changes, and finally the day of disadvantage into advantage, so that each viewer can be a very immersive experience true to a never experienced emotions. Show full-length 1 hour, enabling the most advanced manufacturing engineering and smoke water engineering, and natural each other, creating a stunning visual effect.

"Impression Lijiang show" is a truly clean up the soul of the feast. In the "Impression Lijiang •" series of live performance, there is no so-called themes and specific stories, but the expression of three directors of the individual experience of Lijiang, the first part of the "Snow Mountain Chapter" is a dialogue with the mountain, the performance of people From all directions came to Lijiang, Experience life close relationship with nature; second part is the people climbing through the Yulong Snow Mountain, Lijiang tour, to dialogue with the living; the third part of the "city papers" will be a dialogue with the ancestors, in the dialogue found in people's hearts through the ages, there is always a divine kingdom.