Repulse Bay From Hong Kong

Repulse Bay Hong Kong, the "Oriental Hawaii" reputation, is the most representative beaches in Hong Kong. English called Repulse Bay Repulse Bay, Repulse to "roll back" in Italy, is responsible for patrolling this area before a British naval warship names. Repulse Bay on Hong Kong Island to the south, mountains and the sea, crescent-shaped bay, Pohuan long beach, as flat and calm, clear water, fine sand, wide beach clean and shallow, and the cool, the water temperature in the sixteenth between degrees Celsius XXVII, Summer has always been the people try their hand area, it is necessary to the famous tourist scenic spot.
Repulse Bay is one of Hong Kong's most expensive residential areas, many of the luxury villas on the slopes around the bay, among them Hong Kong businessman Li Ka-shing, Pao Yue mansion; Eileen Chang's "Fallen" referred to in Repulse Bay Hotel has now become the Repulse Bay, the park's former Repulse Bay Hotel vestibular reproduce the Japanese garden style, back then turned into a shopping and apartment buildings. Hong Kong is also the most popular and most representative of the most accessible beach is a must for visitors to the famous scenic spot. Here the sun, sand, sea water is indeed intended to swing spin.