Beijing’s Investment Environment

On November 20, 2010, China State Council had issued "Certain Opinions for Foreign-funded enterprise from China State Council ", in the document proposed, according to the economic development need,the government will revise "Foreign Investment Industry Instruction Table of contents", the expanded opening domain, encourages the foreign capital to go to the high-end manufacturing industry, the high technology and new technology industry, modern service industry, the new energy and the energy conservation environmental product. According to Beijing's concerned requirements, the foreign merchant invests in Beijing may enjoy the related preferential benefit, mainly manifests in the following several aspects.

NO 1; Tax preference policy: First, in Beijing economic development zone production Foreign invested company according to 15% tax rate paying enterprise income tax; The working plan period in ten year above production Foreign invested company from makes a profit the year to enjoy two years to exempt pays taxes, for three years to halve (i.e. tax rate is 7.5%) pays the enterprise income tax. NO 2; According to Talented person preferential policy of " Special Reward Tentative method for company High level talents buying home and Auto purchase of Beijing Foreign invested company " in 2003, the concerned requirements , both foreign and domestic High level talents could report the special reward fund of buying home and Auto for Beijing Municipal Government.

NO 3; Regarding high technology and new technology enterprise's preferential policy: Beijing Municipal government provides "one-stop" work style Service" for the high technology and new technology enterprise and the high technology and new technology project; every in this city registration book and after the high technology and new technology enterprise which recognized, may enjoy this stipulation the related policy. According to the Beijing Bureau of commerce board of trade related stipulation, Beijing will further reduce the interest of high-tech product Production enterprise's loan project, simultaneously gives the fiscal subsidy to the high-tech product export Production enterprise's loan.

NO 4; The Multinational corporation sets up the headquarters preferential policy in Beijing: According to According to "about Encourages Multinational corporation To set up Local Headquarters in Beijing Certain Stipulations", the multinational corporation area headquarters pay the enterprise income tax after this city the profit uses in this city carrying on the capital nature to invest again, may in the stipulation again investment tax reimbursement foundation, return by Beijing Finance bureau the obtained tax revenue a part to give the enterprise. To the multinational corporation area headquarters, exempts the local extra tax. At present the Chinese major part domain opened to the outside world, especially after joining World Trade Organization, more than 100 trade services department opened to the outside world, as China's capital, Beijing Municipal government is enhancing the use of foreign capital quality and the level, also provides the more open investment environment for the Foreign-funded enterprise.