The Great Wall In Beijing

The Great Wall is one of the architectures that can be seen from outer space. Originally, the Great Wall was built to defend the neighbor enemies in the ancient time.
During Warring State period ( 475 BC to 221BC), seven kingdoms in China built walls to defend on each other. There are still several sections built by Qi Kingdom in existence in Shandong Province.

In 221 BC, Emperor Qin Shi Huang unified 6 kingdoms as a whole country. He pulled down the former defending walls of former 6 nations on one hand and on the other hand, he named General Meng Tian gathering millions of people to build a new great wall, in order to prevent the Huns, an ancient nomad tribes living in north of China. At that time, every one man in six must be under an obligation to take part in the giant project. Since there were no any advanced facilities and no proper transporting tools could use in the bumpy mountain, all the materials were passed by hand. Countless workers died from the fatigue. However, the ancient people went through all the difficulties and finished the project. And the architecture incarnated the sparkling wisdom of people at that time. In order to avoid the long distance transportation, the workers learned to pick the local material as much as possible. We can say that the greatness of Great Wall owes to the great people,during the Han dynasty,the emperor built the wall for protect the silk road,cause our ancient Chinese people did international trade of Chinese silk.tea nad hebal medicine 1800 years ago,anyway,The Great wall is not only military defensive project,but also international trade road for China in the ancient time.

Silk clothes used to be necessities of the luxurious life for the emperor and other royal family members only during ancient times, which led to refined quality of weavings by state-run firms catering to the up market. The development of production demanded advance of techniques, which in turn put China in the leading position in the world in terms of silk manufacturing techniques for a considerable period. The innovation of mulberry plantation techniques, weaving techniques and silk weaving arts as well as the inventions by numerous craftsmen consistently pushed the advance of silk-related techniques and artistic level. We know the development through cultural relics and articles handed down from ancient times. In Han Dynasty China witnessed its first peak of silk industry. There was great variety of silk products weaving techniques,it was during that time that the Silk Road was officially opened.
If you want to experience the culture and enjoy the beauty of the Great Wall, it is famous for its deep-rooted culture, magnificent sights and complete military facilities - the essence of the Great Wall. You may find many pictures of it in magazines and guide books and printed on stamps. Being the must-see part of the Great Wall, it is sometimes flocked with visitors especially during holidays.

An old Chinese saying said: He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man. As one of the world culture heritage, Great Wall survived countless battles. And now the grand architecture is inviting you to witness its history together!