Xi’an Museum Of Qin Terra Cotta Warriors And Horses

The Qin Shihhuang Terra Cotta Warriors pit was first built more than 2000 years ago, which is the world biggest underground Military museum, the Qin Terra Cotta Warriors is in the world archaeology history one of greatest discoveries, in 1978, after former French Premier Chirac visited, said: “There were seven wonders of the world in the world , and we saw Qin Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses today, we must say that was the eight big miracles. ”Hence it was honored as “the world eighth big miracle”.

The qin Shihhuang mausoleum approximate square shape, the crown is smooth, the waist slightly assumes the stepped appearance, the height 76 meters, the thing length 345 meters, the north and south width 350 meters, occupies a land area of 120750 square meters, the cemetery divides the inner city and the outer city two parts. The inner city assumes the square shape, about the perimeter 3000 meters, north the wall has 2, east, west, south 3 walls have 1 respectively. The outer city assumes the rectangle, the perimeter 6200 meters, four jiao have site respectively. , between the outer city has buries Ma Keng, the rare birds and beasts pit, the pottery burial figurines pit. Outside the mausoleum has the horse stable pit, the human to die for the pit, the punishment person pit, to repair mausoleum personnel grave more than 400, the scope broad and 25-56 square kilometers, the mausoleum chamber center is places the Qin Shihhuang inner and outer coffin the place. in 1961, People's Republic of China State Council decided as the Chin Shihhuang mausoleum the national cultural relic key protection unit, in 1962, the archaeologists surveyed the cemetery scope to have 56.25 square kilometers, was equal in nearly 78 Imperial Palace( The Forbidden City of Beijing), caused the archaeology stir.

In 1987, the Terra Cotta Warriors pit was authorized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to include "World heritage Name list", and is honored as “the world eight big miracles” to exclaim in surprise the world person, makes the entire Chinese to be proud!