Impression West Lake Show From Hangzhou

"Impression West Lake show",which is a strong history and culture to the West Lake and the beautiful natural scenery as a source of creation, the ancient dig Hangzhou folklore, mythology, cultural and historical representation of the elements of the West Lake to reproduce, and re-use of high-tech way, "West Lake Rain ", a reflection of the West Lake and Lake of the rain the rain the natural charm. The entire performance of real landscape, through the dynamic interpretation of real representation, meaning the city of Hangzhou and condensed into a natural landscape to a high standard of art in the world, to the world launch.

Kitaro's music world was invited as the master of creative music, the distant music of ethereal charm each other with the West Lake. Friendly Jane Zhang will sing the theme song, her voice sounds of nature will also give the whole performance considerably. By then the audience will be able to see a high artistic level of performance of real landscape, but also enjoy a world-class concerts.

"Impression West Lake",which is from Hangzhou Impression West Lake Culture Development Limited Company, the famous director Zhang Yimou, Wang Chao songs, Fan Yue "iron triangle" the director hand-build the team again with the performance of real landscape, "Impression West Lake" with a strong history and culture and the West Lake scenic source for the creation of natural scenery, Hangzhou, dig the old folklore, myth, culture and history of the West Lake, reproduce representative elements of pride, but with the high-tech recycling practices, "West Lake", a reflection of the rain the rain of the West Lake and West Lake natural charm.