Beijing Kung Fu Legend Show

The great story startss when the young Chun Yi was brought by his mother to the temple to start his apprenticeship to become a monk. At first he found it difficult to experience the strict discipline, at his initiation he was given the name "Chun Yi" .

Several years later, the boy studied hard,and he also collected vital life energy from heaven and earth. He learns to look to nature and the movements of animals, furthermore,the Master warns him that truth can easily be seduced by ego.

Apart from lessons, Chun Yi gets in his new-found power,and he meets temptation and is distracted from the purity of the Buddhist life. He denies those who are closest to him, unprepared for the life.

Deeply remorseful, Chun Yi moves through meditation to renewed focus. He is now truly ready to become a warrior monk, not for violence, but a true warrior for peace.several years later, the wise old Master prepares for the end of his life. Chun Yi is called back to the Temple where the Master passes on to him the staff of his authority as Temple Abbott.
As the story comes to an end, can the fearful young apprentice now find the courage to dedicate himself to the life path of Kung Fu?

The progress Making of real CHUN YI: The Legend of Kung Fu

The production of CHUN YI: The Legend of Kung Fu was developed at the Beijing Red Theatre by China Heaven Creation, one of China's leading performing arts producers. It was previewed from July to December 2004.

CHUN YI: The Legend of Kung Fu is now the longest-running show in China - seen by over1 million people in Beijing,the full touring production was built in June 2005 in preparation for bringing the Legend of Kung Fu to audiences around the world. The production has toured to North America, Russia and Japan,which was also presentation of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. In the summer of 2009 kung fu showI makes its UK debut in London.

The whole team of 52 features a cast of young Kung Fu practitioners, dancers, and acrobats, all of them professional performers from 14 citys of China, including 4 boys under the age of 15, already well-advanced in their training,the performers are not only skilled in Kung Fu martial arts, but are also trained in modern dance presentation. The dancers and acrobats add new dimensions to the exploration of the movements and discipline of Kung Fu.

The director has seen action by skillfully combining traditional martial arts movement with dance, ballet and acrobatics,well sc riptwriter has captured the inspiring story of a young boy seeking enlightenment. The powerful includes a haunting theme song, set designer has made interactive environment enhanced by the dramatic lighting.

At the year of 2006, Broadway director Ray Roderick joined the artistic team to make the show,creating a story framework which elevated the breath-taking artistry while opening a window for culture of China and the art of Chinese Kung Fu.

As Ray Roderick says: “It is a ggreat opportunity to share this amzing culture in a way that is not only spectacular, but also emotional and touching, we all want the same thing: -- a world of peace and harmony."

"Coming from Broadway and staying with the artists and performers of Chinese acters,and I found great talented and dedicated collaborators in Beijing, well we found ourselves on the same clear path, with the same trajectory for all we wanted to accomplish. It was very amzing to be a part of this team, and It has been a personally rewarding gift to share something as beautiful as this project with people who care about telling a story.

There is real power in bringing together the remarkable athleticism of kung fu show with a story that is not only spectacular, but simple, intimate and emotional, surrounded by a larger philosophical message. This very personal story about a young man coming of age is universal, relevant to both western and eastern audiences, connecting us all in a visceral way.

The ancient philosophy of Kung Fu shows that through inner strength as well as physical strength, you found the ability to create peace and harmony in the world around you,well the stronger you are, the more ability you have to control and create peace. This is a kind of global message -- a message of peace and harmony for the world.